For International Readers

Hi everybody. Since i realized that i have some followers around the world i decided to write some of my posts in English. I love blogging and i love reading blogs more than writing. I read so many Turkish blogs and international ones too. I thought that if i would write in English too maybe i could give you some ideas about make up or the things that i like. I dont know if i write about high end brands, because there are millions of beauty blogs which write about them. I think i will write about Turkish brands so maybe it will help you about finding and trying them with my experiences. Actually i dont know exactly what to do now, i just decided to try and see the results. Oh and i have to mention that my English is not that good so you can realize so many mistakes, please accept my apologies about them from the start. So lets start and see what will happen. I will come with new posts in Turkish - English very soon. Kisses.

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